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Digital Security Camera Systems

A.H.S. Security Inc. is an experienced security camera installation company with installations dating as far back as 1990. Our installations range from simple 4-camera residential systems to 32-camera commercial systems.
The digital systems that we install can be accessed remotely from a smart phone or remote computer or laptop. Used in conjunction with our monitored security systems, the customer can be alerted by phone call and a text message to their cell phone of an alarm in progress, and they can quickly and easily use their phone to look into the location to see what is going on in REAL TIME - or they can pull up video clips that have been recorded.
Above is an actual still image taken from a vehicle break-in at one of our residential customers’ home. The camera that produced this image is a high performance low light model that works well in low light conditions. The culprits actually thought that they were in a pitch-black area of the driveway and could not be seen, but the invisible IR’s lights in the camera illuminate the scene.
We have mega-pixel systems that produce extremely high-resolution images for vehicle and personal identification.
We have installed systems that automatically capture license plates on vehicles entering and leaving gated communities for identification in case of criminal activities.
Some of our camera system customers include day care facilities, fast food restaurants, and full service restaurants, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, retail stores, gym exercise facilities, doctor offices, private schools, golf courses, sports facilities and residences.
We install specialty cameras like wide dynamic range and Intensifier cameras. Each camera installation has its own special challenges with unusual lighting conditions, extreme weather exposure, the possibility of vandalism or even theft of the cameras, wireless camera installations, and other extreme situations. The below comparison of a conventional camera versus a wide dynamic range model demonstrates the BIG differences in the video quality that the client could encounter. If the camera contractor is not experienced in recommending the correct type of camera, it will be the client who is left with video quality that is not usable.
A.H.S. Security Inc. has over 25 years of camera system experience. We know what cameras will provide the BEST video quality while still keeping the installed system price in the AFFORDABLE range. Please call or email us and we will be happy to provide a FREE evaluation of your security camera needs.

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