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Wireless Security Monitoring

A.H.S. Security Inc. provides monitoring services from our local UL-listed monitoring facility, including land telephone line monitoring, Internet monitoring and cell radio monitoring. Cell radio monitoring is provided as a back up to landline or Internet monitoring or as a stand-alone path to monitor residential and commercial security and fire alarm systems. Many new digital phone services (FIOS, u-Verse and Time-Warner) are in some locations incompatible with security systems, and the cell radio or Internet communicator is the recommended alternative.
Residential and Commercial Security System Monitoring Services
A.H.S. Security Inc. offers “traditional” phone line monitoring of residential and commercial security systems. However, we also offer WIRELESS radio monitoring, which allows the customer to eliminate the expense of a landline telephone company monthly bill and improve the security and reliability of the communications path.
Cell radio monitoring is faster and definitely more secure since there are no wires outside to be tampered with. In addition, some digital phone services (that you get in those bundled packages) are not 100% compatible with many security system communicators.
Below we go into detail about types of radios available so you are better informed as you shop for wireless radio monitoring.
A) The BARGAIN RADIO: This low-cost radio (the cheapest radio and the cheapest monthly fee) is typically done with a radio that is referred to as a relay trigger type. Usually this radio can be connected to older alarm panels without the need to upgrade the main panel. The signals received by the monitoring station will be very simple "Burglary" or "Panic" signals with NO details of where in the house the break-in is happening. The police hate this type of alarm dispatch because they have zero detail as to where to look when they arrive at the location. You really do get what you pay for.
B) UNIVERSAL RADIO: Better than the Bargain radio is the Universal full-data reporting radio that can be used on some alarm panels that are not too old. Some companies use this type of radio because it is easy to plug it into an existing system that is currently being monitored by another company – a “take-over”. The most popular brand of Universal Radio is UPLINK. The alarm company does not re-program your system – they just unplug the phone line and plug in the UPLINK radio.
Because of the design of this type of radio, the time it takes for the alarm signal to finally arrive at the monitoring station could be as long as a couple of minutes. In actuality, these radios take LONGER to get a signal to the monitoring station than if the alarm system was communicating on a simple landline. So this category of universal radios is actually a step backward in technology and performance (compared to the below radio).
C) INTEGRATED RADIO: This type of radio will transmit FULL DATA to the monitoring station almost instantly. The alarm signals are NOT sent to an UPLINK server facility elsewhere to then be forwarded to the monitoring station – they are sent DIRECTLY to our Richardson, Texas, monitoring station in under two seconds. This is also a two-way radio so we can connect remotely with the alarm system through the cell radio network from our service office for remote troubleshooting (which saves time and money for both the customer and the alarm company). We also include Interactive Services for our customers who have this radio installed so you can control the security system remotely with a smart phone app or remote computer – you may have seen this sort of thing in advertisements.
A.H.S. Security Inc. charges less than $30 per month for Type C wireless cell radio monitoring, and INCLUDED AT MINIMAL ADDITIONAL COST is Remote Interactive Services - allows you to control your security system over the Internet or with a smart phone!
A.H.S. Security Inc. will work with our customers to make the upgrade and radio installation as painless as possible.

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